Highway 37 Flood Monitoring

Water Level Observations and Predictions


Inundation of low-lying coastal lands threatens the sustainability of coastal communities, infrastructure and ecosystems. Climate change and local environmental change exert multiple influences on the probability of inundation of these lands. A research gap exists in the investigation of the relationship between these instantaneous and long-term influences: storm surge, shoreline fluvial systems, wave and wind action, extreme high tides, and sea level rise.

California’s shoreline communities and ecosystems have been exposed to flooding-related sea level rise and storms which jeopardize the communities' persistence. These communities are in need of real-time information and improved short-term projections of flooding events. Paired with planning tools, these projections will help guide behavior during floods and reduce the negative impact of the events as they occur. This project focuses on Novato Creek and Petaluma River as they are adjacent to critical transportation infrastructure in the North Bay Area.



Petaluma River at Sonoma Horse Park


source: Bodega Marine Laboratory

Novato Creek Mouth

Novato Creek at Rowland Bridge