Bodega Marine Laboratory


Relevant courses at UC Davis and the Bodega Marine Laboratory

Please see the UC Davis 2020-2021 Course Catalog for full descriptions and current offerings.


ESP 110 (4 units), Principles of Environmental Science, Instructor John Largier

Application of physical and chemical principles, ecological concepts, and systems approach to policy analysis of atmospheric environments, freshwater and marine environments, land use, energy supplies and technology, and other resources.

GEL/ESP 116 (3 units), Oceanography, Instructor Tessa Hill

Advanced oceanographic topics: Chemical, physical, geological, and biological processes; research methods and data analysis; marine resources, anthropogenic impacts, and climate change; integrated earth/ocean/atmosphere systems; weekly lab and one weekend field trip. (Same course as GEL 116N.)

ESP 152 (3 units), Coastal Oceanography, Instructor John Largier

Oceanography of coastal waters (shelf, bay, river plume, near-shore, estuary). The focus is on transport patterns, how they are forced and what implications they have for ecological and environmental problems. The course has a west-coast bias, and will use field-based learning in addition to lectures and assignments.  This experience will be of interest to students in oceanography, ecology, environmental engineering, geology and hydrology.

BIS 124 (3 units), Coastal Marine Research, Instructors: John Largier and Tessa Hill

Independent student research on topics related to the accompanying BML summer session courses.  Students will select one instructor to be their primary mentor, but integrative topics that draw on the expertise of several BML faculty members will be encouraged.

ECL 299 Coastal Oceanography, Instructor John Largier